Road Runners will look after you whether your car needs repairing, maintenance, MOT work or spare parts.


Some of our services at a glance:

  • Diagnostics and Programming
    • Engine management problems
    • ECU programming and software updates
    • Key programming
    • Airbag faults
    • Wiring issues
  • Maintenance and inspections
    • Servicing
    • Oil change
    • MOT work
    • Air conditioning system service
    • Engine maintenance
    • Engine/Gearbox replacement
  • Spare parts sales


Questions about our services? Please contact us.

Comprehensive service package

Our many satisfied customers really appreciate the special service that we provide here at Road Runners. Our comprehensive service package means that you can come to us with any problems with your car and be confident of receiving an excellent service every time. 


We look forward to welcoming you as a new customer. Let us show what we can do!


We offer the following additional services:


  • Vehicle collection/recovery
  • Courtesy car